For we are bigger, mightier, wiser than that.

UCC Envisions

With the endless events that's been happening globally, we wanted to stay awake and active. To play our small part in helping others where we can. So we created our 'Envisions'; each envision focuses on a particular event close to our hearts. A big chunk of profit goes to a non-profit organization we'll appropriately appoint.

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A Clean Slate

After just over 6 years of running high-fashion multi branded retail, we slowly got awakened by the behaviour that we see in ourselves and our nevertheless amazing customers. We started to wonder. And as we read, conversed, delved more into it, we learnt more and there's no going back to what used to be.  So we started to once again, daydream. 

How can we make this better; with purpose?

Being Real

Spending almost a year of trying to think about creating a 'sustainable', 'ethical', 'responsible', etc. etc. brand, we never really could pin point a  clear  spot in our hearts. It seemed redundant; with so many beautiful ethical brands already existing then can it really be truthfully sustainable to produce even more? So we got discouraged a little. But wait..

How can we integrate our expertise; do good at the same time?


This never gets old: 'Shopping is our research!'. And as much as it sounds like a glorified excuse, it is true! We ventured to New York City in hopes to gain inspiration. With 'no pressure, no expectation' kind of style and called it a 'wolliday'. NYC is one of the most resourceful places in the globe for all things rare, limited, personalised, etc. And then one fine afternoon in SoHo between Prince & Spring, the lightbulb moment finally came.

How can we create for all; deliver one-of-a-kind originals that make sense?